The Thinking Hut




You can find us in two great spots in Amsterdam. Near the Oosterpark and next to the Olympic Stadium.


In a building from 1912 at one of the northern entrances to the Oosterpark.
Mauritskade 55C, 1092AD Amsterdam.


Near the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam.
Pilotenstraat 39A, 1059CH Amsterdam.


About us

The Thinking Hut is the new and fresh creative co-working space in Amsterdam. These 500sqm once filled with horses have been renovated to re-open doors to a collaborative work environment where different people (entrepreneurs, freelancers, zzp-ers, designers, writers, web developers, marketing minds, account and project managers, ...) can feel comfortable working on their own projects, while having the possibility of sharing, engaging and in essence, creating together with others.

With memberships suited to all needs, meeting facilities, a quickly filling agenda of events and workshops, and a very flexible mentality, The Thinking Hut aspires to become a creative network for those working at the space, their friends, and colleagues.

How did it all start?
The Thinking Hut is the materialized dream of a group of friends who go a long way (before the days of the internet bubble, and its burst). Their relationship has always circled around a common, shared space. During the Christmas of 2012, due to a shortage of square meters for one of our own projects, we decided to take the search for a new space to the next level, opening up an environment where more like-minded people could share their knowledge and experience, and have some fun!

Where to find us
We now have two locations in Amsterdam. You can easily find us here:

In a building from 1912 at one of the northern entrances to the Oosterpark, at Mauritskade 55C, 1092AD Amsterdam.

Near the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam, at Pilotenstraat 39A, 1059CH Amsterdam.



Check the profiles of The Thinking Hut members, you will be able to access a vast networking system
of professionals. Imagine being in a company full of energy with colleagues....

  • Deepa Paul
    Deepa Paul

    Creative Cameleon

  • Michael Naudé
    Michael Naudé

    Social Thinker

  • Cristina

    Quiet adventurer

  • Lacey Verhalen
    Lacey Verhalen

    Atomic Tangerine

  • Richard Meda
    Richard Meda

    The Cosmopolitan

  • Joanne Bolens
    Joanne Bolens

    Strategist & Cheese lover

  • Katie Bowles
    Katie Bowles

    Strategist & Chart maker

  • Tom Miskin
    Tom Miskin

    Strategist & Creative

  • Akash Soedamah
    Akash Soedamah

    Sportsman & Caring

  • Daniel J.
    Daniel J.

    Go - getter & Online media specialist

  • Derk Van Der Have
    Derk Van Der Have

    Positive & problem-solver entrepreneur

  • Wisse Koedam
    Wisse Koedam

    The positive entrepreneur

  • Irem Tucaltan
    Irem Tucaltan

    Sales Girl

  • Ivo Verbeek
    Ivo Verbeek

    Technical entrepreneur

  • Gustavo Shifman
    Gustavo Shifman

    Language entrepreneur

  • Rolinka Kattouw
    Rolinka Kattouw

    Curious Explorer

  • Naysan Tofighian
    Naysan Tofighian

    Business Developer

  • Frank Hitman
    Frank Hitman

    Flatlanding mountain-lover

  • Renée Cooken
    Renée Cooken

    Stress Counsellor

  • Robert Yawn
    Robert Yawn

    Enthusiastic Learner

  • Lei van der Linden
    Lei van der Linden

    60% thinker 40% doer

  • Tommaso Gritti
    Tommaso Gritti

    Curious entrepreneur

  • Lisa Rebert
    Lisa Rebert

    Word Wizard

  • Alessandro Pignotti
    Alessandro Pignotti

    Computer programmer

  • Beatrice Casagrande
    Beatrice Casagrande

    Community Manager

  • Cecilia Scolaro
    Cecilia Scolaro

    communication strategist

  • James Mostert
    James Mostert


  • Isaac Esteban
    Isaac Esteban

    Chief Thinker

  • Federico Ciocca
    Federico Ciocca

    Business Adventurer

  • Miguel Agullo
    Miguel Agullo

    Information Designer.

  • Vladimir Nedović
    Vladimir Nedović

    Mastermind behind Flavourspace.